We are uniting Europe together

Together * Ensemble * Zusammen * Juntos * Μαζί


Movimento Insieme is a pan-European Peoples’ State Movement having as its single objective the creation of the European Federal Union as a superpower of Peace, Liberty, Justice, Equality, Safety and Prosperity, both for the Europeans and for All of the World.

The Peoples of Europe demand the Federal Integration of Europe. We want it immediately, as the needs it will face are equally immediate and both the EU in its current form and its national Member States have proven their inability to team with them.

The political foundation of Movimento Insieme has been laid by the Rome Manifesto. What the peoples of Europe demand is the following:

We demand a democratically elected President, being vested the executive power of the European Federal Union. The President will represent the Union in international affairs and head the European administration.

We demand a democratically elected European Parliament, being the House of the People, and a European Senate, being the House of the States. Every piece of Union legislation, regardless of the authority initiating it, shall be approved both by the European Parliament, voting by majority, and by the European Senate, voting by qualified majority.

We demand the judicial power of the Federal Union to be exercised by The European Court of Justice, which shall ensure the uniform application of Union law and its supremacy over state law.

We demand the unification of the military and the diplomatic resources of all of the European Federal Union Member States, under the command of the federal European government.

We demand the repatriation of a plethora of competencies from various EU levels to the Member States, achieving the highest level of clarity and accountability between European Federal Union and the participating Member States.

Europe needs to unite in real and to unite now. We shall make it together.

We, the peoples of Europe, have realized in a very painful way – being the financial crisis, the refugee crisis and the coronavirus crisis – that (a) the current EU institutions and the Member States have notoriously failed to deal with these situations effectively and efficiently, and, (b) the Member States’ governments will never progress the European integration agenda, as they consider federal integration as an existential threat to their own being.

It is then up to us, and only up to us, the peoples of Europe to demand and to achieve the creation of the European Federal Union. Hundreds of millions of European will join the Movimento Insieme wth this sole objective and, once we join our forces, the bold vision of a federally integrated Europe will be nothing but our exciting new reality.

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